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Newsreel is not your parents' news app. Let us ​help you grasp and recall important news that ​social media might have overlooked — no dense, ​text-heavy articles required.

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How it works

Set the time you want to ​

read the news​

Dive into daily interactive ​stories, timelines and ​quizzes

Track your progress and ​remember what matters

Why Newsreel is different

Powered by brain ​science

Backed by brain science, ​Newsreel was designed to ​combat distracted reading ​habits and make news stick

Build a news habit​ that lasts​

With features like ​customizable notification ​times and news streaks, we ​make it easy to incorporate ​the news into your daily ​routine

Beyond reading​—interacting​

Newsreel keeps you focused ​on the news that matters by ​seamlessly integrating ​interactive stories, timelines, ​and quizzes into your news ​feed

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