News the way ​your brain works

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Our mission at Newsreel is to revolutionize how people ​engage with news, making information not only ​accessible but also memorable and illuminating. We aim ​to break the hold of social media and the Internet on our ​attention spans, transforming news consumption from a ​passive experience into a habit-forming, interactive ​educational journey.

Our Method: News that ​Sticks

We have access to more information than ever before, so ​why aren’t we better informed? Our commitment ​is to provide balanced, concise, and context-rich con​tent that not only informs but also sticks with our users​, fostering a more informed and engaged global commun​ity. Below, a description of how we do just that. Th​ese cognitive psychology techniques were baked into eve​ry feature​ of Newsreel.

How it works: The News ​that Sticks method

Spaced Repetition

We space out learning ​sessions over time, enhancin​g long-term memor​y retentio​n

Interleaved learning

We mix different types of ​news content and topics ​rather than grouping them, ​to improve understanding ​of different news subjects

Retrieval Practice

We constantly test our ​readers because actively ​recalling information ​enhances long-term ​memory retention


We chunk information into ​smaller units to align with ​the brain's limited working ​memory capacity. This aids ​in processing and retention

Context le​arning

We add contextual cues ​wherever we can to enhance ​recall. This creates a ric​her memory trace and​ provides retri​eval cues

Visual learning

We present information ​visually because the ​pictorial superiority effect ​suggests that people ​remember information ​better when it's presented ​as images